Our skin gets exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants each day. All these rob off the moisture and nourishment from the skin causing reduction in collagen as well as elastin and thus making our skin oily. It is really necessary for us to use the best moisturizer for oily skin.

A guide is available to people to stop oil the sebaceous glands produce them at the skin. The collection of the information from the guide is essential for the people. You need to buy the correct moisturizer to have effective results. A soft and smooth skin is provided to females and males. 

A mistake that many women make is thinking that moisturizers are not required for those with oily skin. Just because your sebaceous glands are doing their job, doesn’t mean that your skin is being moisturized in any way. Always remember that “an oily skin means that it is not hydrated.” Protecting it from harmful UV rays and moisturizing it is essential so that it can remain healthy. It also helps your skin to look young and fresh. Thus, making use of the best moisturizer for oily skin would cause a huge change in your appearance. Having a regular moisturizing schedule ensures that your skin keeps improving and the oiliness decreases little by little.

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Finding the best moisturizer for your oily skin:

Now finding the best moisturizer and wearing it is not really that difficult. However, before you choose the right moisturizer, you should understand what your skin needs, whether it is skin hydration, protection from the sun, prevention of acne breakouts or foundation. So always ask yourself with these questions:

“How will I know that this is the best tinted moisturizer for oily skin?”

“Does it contain the best SPF moisturizer for oily skin?”

“Is this the best moisturizer for acne prone skin?”

”This will make your selection process simple and less time consuming.” Now, there are factors to consider for us to answer the above questions. These are as follows:

  • Ingredients
  • Right SPF
  • Other consideration


Moisturizers should contain proper photo stable ingredients such as titanium oxide, zinc oxide or any sun blockers to protect the skin from the sun. In fact, the amount active ingredients is vital for protection against UVA and UVB rays. It should also contain antioxidants like vitamin E, Alpha Lipoic Acid. These antioxidants are considered as natural ingredients, they do not only help in countering the damage caused by free-radical due to sun exposure, but also improves the efficiency of the active ingredients to nourish your skin’s overall health.

Right SPF:

It is also important that you select a moisturizer with the right SPF (Sun Protection Factor) for your skin. Usually, SPF is determined based on the type and color of the skin and the extent of exposure to the sun. People with dark skin need a lower SPF, while people with fair skin requires a higher SPF. For a casual daily sun exposure, a moisturizer with a rating SPF 15 to 20 that contains active sun protection ingredients will be quite effective. However, if your skin will be exposed to the sun for a longer period of time, you need an SPF of 30 or higher.

Other Considerations:

The moisturizing products with SPF are normally not resistant to water and sweat. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors or in the water, you will need to reapply the moisturizer frequently. For these situations some people recommend sunscreen for maximum protection. An aqua-based or gel SPF formulations will work best for oily skin, the best SPF moisturizer for oily skin must be free from oil. It should suit your skin and help control levels of sebum on the skin-surface. The best moisturizer for acne prone skin should always be non-comedogenic so as to avoid clogging of pores and lastly the best moisturizer for oily skin should also have anti-aging properties, especially for people over 25 years old.