Wayfinding is an information system that guides the individual from its present location to the final destination, even after your last destination’s location is unknown. It helps people in understanding the physical environment around them and allows them to explore the space.

You should know that Wayfinding is specially developed for complex built environments like healthcare, urban centers, and transportation facilities, and educational campuses.

Nowadays, architectural environments are becoming more complex, and individuals must have some visual hints like a direction, map and symbol for reaching the right destination. In such high-stress environments, having an excellent wayfinding system can contribute to peace of mind, security and safety.

Let us look over the different types of Wayfinding systems used in today’s world.

  • Urban Area 

In the urban area setting, Wayfinding developers have incorporated signage and information systems for both motorists and pedestrians, facing unique challenges to navigate through roadways and streets. These details integrated with the system allow people to develop mental maps for a specific area and simplify their daily route to its maximum extent possible.

  • Healthcare Campuses 

Developing a Wayfinding for healthcare campuses represent a great set of navigational challenges, and these environments are developed over time and covering multiple buildings. And it results in making the navigation process even more complex for families and patients under stress after paying a visit to healthcare campuses.

One should know that the Wayfinding system can assist in reducing the stress by providing easy-to-navigate signage and legible direction along with proper explanations. However, in most settings, specialists are putting more emphasis on non-text cues like symbols and colors rather than focusing on text-based messages that are minimized.

  • Transportation

In most transportation places like airports, travelers need all the details in order to guide them through the roadway to the airport gate and reach the terminal complex. The best thing about this system is that it will provide you with directional guidance and a thoroughly planned sequence that offers accurate information regarding the place to all the users and allows them to navigate throughout the journey easily. This is the primary reason why more and more people are using Wayfinding systems for reaching the destination on time.

These are the different forms of the Wayfinding system that are available over the market.