Are you looking for some fun? Then this article is going to be of great use because we have so many online platforms through which you can avail such moments all the time because when you have the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime for movie watching and Twitch for downloading movie videos then just imagine how the scenario will be.

This article is just what you need if you want to turn videos with some interesting twists thrown in for good measure because it has always been a favorite pastime for youngsters to post their TikTok videos in a bid to garner a decent subscriber base.

Twitch is an interesting platform to download movie clips and enjoy unlimited amount of leisure in living those moments but editing videos is a hard process that only people involved in it can understand and none more so than people with YouTube channels that have to go through this process every day.

Cut Up Version

Editing process is an easy job where you follow certain steps like the ones mentioned below where you first have to download it:

  •  Go to the top right of your twitch channel and click on the top right and click on ‘video producer’ where you will find the list of downloaded videos where you can go to the right hand side where ‘highlight’ is written and next to it are 3 vertical dots where you press it and click on ‘download’

  • But if you want to download only certain clips then go to the left hand side of the channel and click on ‘clips’ where you will find the clips made by you and other viewers so click on ‘download and ‘share’ so that the process is complete
  • Open Adobe Premier Pro and click on the ‘ok’ button where you can drag the saved clip from the desktop and put it on the main icon where the following link will give you necessary details