Are you considering relocating to Andorra for tax purposes or as well as the establishment of your business? Perhaps you’re considering one of the numerous benefits of living in Andorra as just a passive member. Whatever drives you to residencia fiscal Andorra (Andorra tax residence), you’ll need help with visa issues, finding a home to reside in, and relocating your household and goods.

Depending on your profile, Andorra provides a variety of residence options. Active resident status may be the best option for you if you want to start a company and register a corporation in Andorra. As a governor and stakeholder of an operating firm, you have the power to ask active seeking residency for investors and entrepreneurs, which allows you to labor for your particular business.

Specialists can help you with the essential tasks:

  • submitting a residence request to the local government (active or passive)
  • aiding you with your hunt for a home in your neighborhood
  • arranging the transfer of both you and your household to Andorra.

Why should you consider relocating to Andorra?

Except for low taxes, Andorra has a lot to provide. Many people looking for low-tax countries in Europe choose Andorra because of its low personal income tax, but many decide to stay because of its exemplary standard of living.

Tax rate ranges from 0% to 10%. Along with Iceland and Liechtenstein, it is considered one of Europe’s safest nations.

Corporation taxes range from 2% to 10%, and there is no tax on wealth, along with there is no estate or gift tax.

Housing expenditures are comparable to those in Spain but far cheaper than those in the United Kingdom, France, or Germany.

The bottom lines:

Andorra’s financial residency offers unique benefits like taxable income of up to 10%. Investment income exempted revenue and the excellent level of living the country offers. It has increased per capita earnings, almost minor crime, outstanding public education, and health facilities, and cheap housing compared to other Eu countries with comparable low tax regimes.