When you have so many online games to choose from then it becomes difficult to manage things out as each is unique in its own way and better than the others in some form or the other.

However, youngsters are suckers for battle games that involve heroes and villains with a lot of bloodshed where warriors have to prove their worth to rule the kingdom, save the damsel in distress and vanquish the bad guy at the end.

There are so many games involving this scenario but The Elder Scrolls (ESO) is one that is quite popular and yet very underrated that is not given the due it so rightly deserves so we are going to know about the game in this writing.

Battalion Scale

It is a crying shame that some people call ESO has a ‘poor man’s Game of Thrones’ just because it is set in the Roman ages and contains strong and well built warriors belonging to the genre of Sword and sandals.

The first step is to start from Level 1 that concludes at Level 50 where you have to get champion points in order to gain strength but it has to be done 3 times faster along with clearing the leveling path by wiping out enemy ranks little by little so that the final showdown takes place.

Character development is very essential in ESO because what happens is that many players that are beginners start feeling inferior and scared to go ahead so you need to get rid of this underpowered complex by becoming a massive force to be reckoned with as mentioned in the ESO guide on its official website.

Once you gain confidence you start dominating your enemies and literally strike gold by creating strategies through farming but never go for small profits and always aim big so that you become a rich proponent and grace the battalion with ease.