Most of my friends are baby boomers, and I fall at the tail end of that generation. As I looked closer, I realized that at my age, my friends had also started to look for a new career and lifestyle alternatives and most of their decisions led them down the entrepreneurial path.

My closest friend is in energy worker in addition to being a full time social worker. About 10 years ago, I encouraged her to seeing private clients in addition to her day job. As of today, she has a thriving word of mouth clientele, and will be on the verge of going full time as an entrepreneur soon. She let her business grow organically, at the pace that she was ready for.

I have another friend who has been an entrepreneur for most of her life but chose to refocus her energies from being a business consultant to writing romance novels. I reached out to her and found her motivations for her new career were about using her vast well of creativity in a new way. She has built a thriving business as a self- published author, using her well honed business skills to produce, publish, and market her books. She was quite the inspiration for me, and still is. Listening to her forced me to open up my brain and consider new possibilities for my future. After all, she went from being a business consultant to a romance novelist! She also told me how much fun she has speaking with other romance novelist on how many synonyms they can come up with for human genitalia…

I was beginning to see that a new life awaited for me if I could open my mind to it. There were definitely ways to transition into entrepreneurship, using creativity and intellect, and I knew I could do it too. But what would I do? What could I offer? What problem could I solve for others?

I knew I could do and become something else, but I didn’t know what. I’ve never been a specialist, but I am an awesome generalist. I’ve consulted an eight different industries, held positions in every corporate department you can think of, and a long time ago, I was one of the core group of people who helped design a global package distribution system that you probably use frequently. Let’s just say it’s difficult to put a label on me. The two best comments I received about my abilities are ” you simplify complex problems “, and ” you get s*** done “, and finally, “people trust you “. It’s hard to put a job description together for me, but I do love those comments about me.

I wasn’t sure specifically what I could do, but I just knew I wanted to do more of it, and work for myself, so I could create a career that was ultimately very freeing for me.