Whatever the latest fashion trends might be, the young generation takes to it like ducks to water like for example a new dress or mobile phone that comes out in the market, they never hesitate to stand in line with long queues to get it before anyone else simply for showing off.

Tattoo phenomenon has been a norm since the decade or so with increasing fervor among the youth brigade but the problem is that it is quite risky for certain folks to get their body tattooed.

It needs to be understood that this tattoo is completely different from the ones that we got for free with a boomer chewing gum that we would stick on our hand and wash it off because this one is inked into your skin.

Risk Factor

While some people would not agree, tattoo requires piercing the skin with ink and it leads to several health factors that might prove fatal to your body in the near future but the young folks are so obsessed with tattoos that they simply neglect this advice when told by anyone.

Everyone has different skin where some are thick while others are delicate, which is the basic factor on how your skin can handle the requisite pain in what measure because the ink pigment applied to your skin can cause allergic reactions with rashes all around.

A big scar called keloid formed through an enlarged tissue causes a lump around the area where the skin has been pierced with the needle and cause minor injuries that can become a big problem if not treated on time.

A tattoo numbing cream can be used as a medicinal remedy as it contains triacetic acid that penetrates deep into the skin right into the third layer although the tattoo is not completely removed but reduces the pain considerably.