Fat is the largest cause of diseases in the world. Animal foods like red meat, eggs and dairy products contain very high proportions of fat and are responsible for various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, cataract, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, etc. Fat consumption is very much in our control; still we indulge in foods that actually harm us. Do you wish to be disease free as well as boost your immunity? Then read on as I tell you how simple it is!

You can stick to the best testosterone booster to have a slim and healthy body. The temperature of the body will remain the perfect with the consumption of the correct boosters. The procedure of the weight loss is simple and easy for the individuals. The preparation of the correct balanced diet is beneficial for the people. 

There are three types of fats ? saturated (which are solid at room temperature and found in all animal products), polyunsaturated (found in some grains, vegetables, fruits and seeds) and monounsaturated (found in olives and nuts). Saturated fat causes cholesterol to rise in the blood, increasing the risk of heart and other artery related problems as well as cancer. Polyunsaturated fats lower the blood cholesterol and also prevent clotting, but their excessive amounts also depress the immune system. Monounsaturated fats tend to have a comparatively smaller cholesterol lowering effect.

To some extent, fat is essential for metabolizing some type of vitamins and also for creating hormones which help to control blood pressure and inflammation. They also maintain fluidity of the cell membrane and has to be kept in balance. But all this requires very little fat and is easily provided by some of the grains, fruits and vegetables that we eat. There is no need to add cheese, whole milk, dessert, meat and eggs to your diet at all.

Some more facts proved by scientific research:

  1. Fats not only make a person lazy, it also has the same effect in the body’s immunity.
  2. People who eat a low fat diet live much longer than those with a high fat diet.
  3. Cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate and colon is more prevalent among obese people.
  4. High fat diet aggravates arthritic effects.
  5. Obese men have a higher rate of erectile dysfunction (impotence) than folks who’re leaner and eat a low fat diet.
  6. Low fat and high fiber diet reduces the level of estrogen in women, reducing her risk of contracting tumors.

The best source of energy is carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates which come from unrefined grains, vegetables and fruits. They burn slowly and provide long lasting energy. Fat is a secondary source of energy which is used only when the carbohydrate stores of the body are completely depleted. So excess fat is of no use to the body. By limiting fat you will make a quantum leap in your race against all serious diseases, especially because it will give your immunity system a huge boost. When faced with a choice, always choose a poly or mono unsaturated fat over a saturated fat every single time. Never allow more than 20-25 percent of your total calorie intake from fats. If your diet is approximately 2000 calories a day, ensure that only 400-500 calories are from poly and mono unsaturated fats. On average, there are 9 calories per gram of fats as compared to 4 calories in a gram of grains and vegetables, so in this case your diet should not exceed 50 grams of fat. Never exceed 4 percent of saturated fat in your diet, if it cannot be avoided entirely.