I did have some trepidation to get over while going down the entrepreneur path. And some days I still deal with it. It wasn’t the general riskiness of getting into my own business. It was getting over the disappointment of a previous entrepreneurial attempt that went sour.

About 20 years ago, I left a large consulting firm to move across country and start a business as an independent consultant. I was very excited, especially when 3 consulting contracts came forward the first week I was in business. This is another example of the Universe and the Law of Attraction making a step toward me as I took a risk in a new venture.

A former employer encouraged me to accept a long term contract with them. I would support their West Coast customers and business partners, and I was relieved to have the long-term work. It provided a consistent paycheck for both me and my then husband.

Company X was happy with my work and supported me for several years. But I became complacent and didn’t spend much time creating other business relationships that would support my business. I made excuses. I was too tired from working, I’d do it later, etc., but basically I was scared and didn’t know anything about sales, marketing, networking, or creating opportunities. I was a good worker bee, but didn’t take ownership of my business and run it like a CEO.

One day, company X disappeared. My contact no longer answered my phone calls or my emails. And my entire income dried up.

I was scared. I tried to get work as a part-time consultant, but the economy was in difficult shape and jobs were scarce.

At my all-time low, I got a job as an executive assistant at a consulting firm. I worked hard, proved myself, and became longtime friends with the women who hired me. That job started my next 10 years in full time jobs, where I continued to prove myself, build my income and security.

Those 11 years in my own business taught me a lot, and scared me a lot when it came to an end. I thought I’d failed not just in business, but had failed myself.

But I am in a different place now where I’m truly ready to be a successful entrepreneur and face those things that scare me. There’s more at stake now, but I like many of my fellow entrepreneurs of a certain age, am ready to take the plunge.