I’m not sure when the paper bag became a luxury item, but I do know that when I was a kid we didn’t have them. When I went to the store and wanted an ice cream or candy bar, there were two options; take it with me in my hands or buy one of those plastic bags from the machine in the store and use that. 

Well, now you can get some really cool paper bags at your local grocery store as well. It’s easy enough to see why they’re so popular these days. They come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. You can even find them with prints on them! They can be used for all kinds of things, including carrying around groceries, carrying around small items like pens and pencils, holding up the bottom of a backpack, holding up the bottom of a purse…you name it, and you can probably find a reason to use a paper bag somewhere along the line. 

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As if carrying around reusable shopping bags wasn’t hard enough, here are some more reasons why you should consider using paper bags instead of plastic ones: 

They save trees. 

Most people don’t realize this, but most single-use plastic bags are made out of either polypropylene (which is a petroleum product) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). That’s right – both plastics are made out of petroleum products. And because they’re made of petroleum products, they contain toxins and chemicals which leach into the environment when disposed of improperly. 

Plastic bags also tend to become trashy, so by using paper bags you’ll help keep your neighborhood clean. 

They reduce pollution and global warming. 

Because paper bags aren’t made of petroleum products, they don’t contribute to our carbon footprint. Instead, they break down over time and release their own natural resources back into nature through composting. They also require fewer resources than plastic bags to make. For example, a typical 12″ x 18″ paper bag takes about 40% less energy to produce than a similar size plastic bag. In addition, a paper bag creates no toxic waste and consumes no water during its life cycle. 

Paper bags also prevent litter. 

Litter is everywhere. There are tons of articles written about how much litter has accumulated in our oceans and waterways. This litter includes everything from plastic bottles to cigarette butts. But what happens when that litter hits the ground? Well, it breaks down eventually, but it doesn’t disappear completely. Instead, it gets absorbed into soil where it can stay for decades before making its way back into the atmosphere and becoming part of our air. Paper bags don’t create any litter because they biodegrade quickly. 

You can recycle them. 

Just like plastic bags, paper bags can be recycled. Just look for the recycling symbol on the bag and bring it to the nearest recycle bin. Most stores will provide free collection bins for you to drop off your recyclables. Some places won’t accept them unless they have a specific logo on them, though. If you want to be certain you’re getting the best deal on your paper bags, try this handy list to figure out which ones are recyclable. 

They’re cheaper. 

If you plan ahead, you can usually get a pack of 100 paper bags for just under $1 each. Compare this to the cost of a disposable plastic bag, which is typically just a few dollars per bag. Also, when you think about it, the environmental costs of a paper bag are minimal compared to any other type of bag. 

They’re more durable. 

A disposable plastic bag is only good for one thing – disposing of garbage. Sure, you can recycle it after you’ve finished using it, but then it becomes another burden on our landfills. With a paper bag, however, you can reuse it over and over again. Not only does it last longer, it’s also stronger because it’s thicker and tougher than regular plastic bags. Plus, it doesn’t tear easily and it holds up better against spills and leaks. 

They’re easier to carry. 

Paper bags are lighter than plastic bags, meaning you can carry more in them. Also, you don’t need anything special to carry them around because they’re smaller and thinner. They’re also less likely to rip compared to larger plastic bags, so they’re perfect for carrying items like books and papers. 

They’re eco-friendly. 

Because paper bags are biodegradable and reusable, they leave behind little trace of their existence once they’ve been thrown away. Even though plastic bags are considered “disposable,” they still end up in landfills for years to come. 

They’re more convenient than plastic bags. 

When you’re looking for something to carry around, do you ever feel like you have to stop every five feet to pick something else up or put something else down? How about when you go to the store and have to wait in long lines because the checkout counters are full? Or maybe you’re tired of having to dig through all of your pockets to find your wallet. 

With paper bags, you can simply grab a handful of them without worrying about leaving anything behind. You can also toss your bags in your car to hold up a backpack or your purse while you shop. You can even throw them in the trunk of your car to stash snacks, drinks or anything else you might forget at home. 

And finally, paper bags give you the freedom to customize them. Whether you want them to be simple or complex, you can find bags that fit your style and personality perfectly. You can even choose the color and print that goes on them. 

Now that you know all of the amazing benefits of paper bags, it’s time to start collecting them. So get out there and stock up! It’s easy to find paper bags at many big box retailers such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Costco. You can even find them online at sites like Amazon and Etsy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!