You may have seen gamers promoting giveaways on social media or in chats. Many people are sometimes curious about the value of the gift cards they win. This post tells you how to redeem gift cards that gamers giveaway. We also list some of the most popular subreddits and communities where gamers, streamers, and followers give away free stuff!

We believe that the best way to find out if a code works is to contact Steam Support through their chat or ticket system, ask them for help verifying your game purchase with your email address, and provide them with any other information they request. They should be able to tell you whether your code is valid.

Reasons why gamers provide gift card giveaways

Some of them use this method to promote their Twitch channel or as a system for making money online. They may want to sell Steam codes on eBay or elsewhere. Some are just looking to promote their content (the giveaway could be an ad) and get some free publicity in return.

This is how to redeem gift cards that gamers give away:

You can find most of these codes by searching the web for “” You will come across many sources, such as you can find most of these codes by searching the web for “free steam wallet codes.” You will come across many sources such as

How to Redeem Steam Codes: 

Your search for the code on and save it in a text file (or copy/paste it into a spreadsheet).

Some of the codes work in different regions, so it is better to search for the code in many countries around the world and check if it works everywhere (For example: “free steam wallet codes India” will provide you with codes that may or may not work depending on your location).  

Once you have all the codes in your text file or spreadsheet, you open up the Steam client. Login to your account Click on “Games,” after which you should click on “Redeem a Steam Wallet Code. ” Paste the code in, and it should work.