Tarot card meanings in love spreads are open to interpretation, based on which deck you use, what cards you pick to lay out, which questions you are drawn to, and the feeling you get from each card when progressing through a reading. But, there are surely some standard meanings to every card. That’s why learning those may help you apply a richer context to your whole reading.

In general, Tarot reading is done by spreading out the deck within the table. The cards are often shuffled by the reader. Then, such the readers interpret the readings and relay them to their seeker. By this, there seems to be a transfer of energy to the seeker from the deck. For a card reader, focusing on her querent’s inquiry is a must. The guidance afterwards is a great help in maintaining an accurate and balanced interpretations.

Visualize A Panorama Of Tarot Card Meaning

A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards. Among them, 22 cards are called the “Major Arcana” while the remaining 56 cards are the “Minor Arcana.” The cards are shuffled by cutting through them. The psychic can lay out them in a pattern, called spread. The position of the spread has many different meanings. Especially tarot card love spreads diversified, from 1 card (The Lover) to multiple cards (The Celtic Cross Spread). But there is no need to memorize all the cards’ meaning. Just learn their basis and use your intuition!

In general, the cards of Major Arcana, numbering 0 to 21, reflect pictures which carry a wealth of mental, practical, and spiritual meaning. Those cards are more important than the ones of Minor Arcana, in terms of value and meanings in tarot reading. “The Fool” is the card numbered 0. That’s why the story flow in this card is considered the “Journey of the Fool.” Of course, this journey takes us through many ups and downs in the Fool’s life, and then ends with “The World” card – the card numbered 21. Spiritual reading is the best way of reducing the stress and distance between the couples. But there is a very vast variety of options available in it. One of the most amazing options is the tarot reading that can easily enhance the bond in the relationships.

How about the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana? They are further divided into the 4 suits as follows: Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles. In each suit, these cards are numbered 1 through 10 whole each suit has 4 Court Cards. Like the cards of Major Arcana group, there is a story flow in each of those suits. It’s worth remembering that each suit reflects a different element and corresponds to a specific impact in a person’s life.

Swords tell how thoughts and their consequences affect you. The suit of Wands tells energy, creativity, and passion. The suit of Cups tells the flow of emotions. And the Pentacles tell the material and earthy plane of life. Further, in each suit, the Court cards include a Page, Knight, Queen and King. These show the personality types which are available in each element. On a whole, we have a total of 16 personality types in a Tarot deck. In a reading, these Court cards present either the querent in his life or the manner in which he tends to react to a particular situation.

Tarot card meanings in love spreads often pay attention to different types of information. For instance, you can use them to find ways to solve your current conflicts. Or they can help you know some information about your half. This depends on the problems you are facing up to!