If you think that database change management is an easy task then you are wrong. At the time where data model is constantly changing it gets even more difficult and that stage is also called as beginning stage. Database chain control can be done with patience and a good team so you need to keep that thing in mind. Also there should be automation as without automation nothing can be possible. 

So automation can get you truly continuous integration and delivery that you should keep in mind. There are many essential things that you will come to know later in the article and if you want to gain information on it then you need to stay till the end of the article as this is the only way.

Things that you should keep in mind

Plenty of things are there which is why you need to pay attention on all of them. This is the only way to gain information on database change control system. Following are those things for you-

  1. Source control- The number one thing is that everything should be in source control. If any change is made or any script is being printed then that is to be thrown into the repository.
  2. Migrations- Every developer should be able to run migrations and every developer should be able to upgrade the database without any issue at all. Also new version of the data should be downloaded right away.
  3. Conflict resolution- Thing like conflict on the same database objects can be absolutely easy to solve. Also there is not much work required to be done.

These are the topmost essential things about the database change management system that you should keep in mind. Also you should be with your team.