I was at an event where a wannabe entrepreneur was starting to realize the time and effort necessary to get her business off the ground. She told me she only believed she should be doing things that come easily to her, and that is how she would become financially abundant.

I am very familiar with this philosophy – it’s called the Law of Attraction. It says that that which is alike attracts to one another. So if you think, believe, and act in a positive and abundant manner, abundance will come to you. If you think and act negatively, negative things will come to you. Like attracts Like.

I do believe in that philosophy, to a point. I know for myself that when using the Law of Attraction, the more steps you take to your goal, the more the Universe will reach out to you and open doors for you. I’ve experienced that too, where the more steps I take and people I connect with, the more opportunities become available for me to choose from.

This happened to me, when I decided to go down entrepreneur path. A mentor came forward, and a support system of people going down the same path appeared. A second mentor came forward, brought me new information that I never heard of, and allowed me to take more steps.

I think about the Law of Attraction and I know it works. But it is a 50-50 deal. You have to put in the time and footwork. The Universe won’t automatically drop a custom-made business card in your lap because you wished it to happen. A web designer doesn’t show up at your door with a mobile response, SEO optimized website with custom copywriting unless you take action on your part.

You have to do the footwork. And it takes time and effort.

I’ve invested time, money, and effort to get this far. It didn’t just come to me. I thoroughly believe in trust that doors will open for me, but I want LOTS of doors to open for me not just a few. That’s why I spend about 10-15 hours or more a week on MY business, in addition to my day job and other commitments. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, and lets the Law of Attraction to work through me and what I want to have in my life.

The more effort you put into something, the more the Universe can work through you and for you. So keep the positive mindset and great things will happen to you. But don’t be afraid or unwilling to put in the work that will take you far, and attract you toward your goal of abundance creativity and being the best entrepreneur you can be.