Do you know that the clay can be recycled as many times as you want? There are so many different stages of clay; it will change its shape when you add water into it. You can learn about those stages from here-

  • You need to choose clay, earthenware, stoneware, ball clay, or porcelain at stage one. The clay you use depends on the pottery you want to make, the temperature you will fire, and the equipment you will use.
  • The second stage is slip; at this stage, the clay is wet as there is so much water added, and there will be moisture. When it is wet, only you will be able to slip the clay into it, and even if you want, you can separate it to make their object.
  • The third stage of clay is the plastic stage that is also the workable stage where some of the moisture will be evaporated from the clay.
  • When you reach the fourth stage, you will notice that the clay will be leather hard as there will be less moisture content, and the clay will be drier, but it may be slightly flexible.
  • At stage five, the clay will not have any moisture, which means it will be completely dry and have a lighter color. This stage is known as the bone dry stage of clay.
  • Once it is dried, you need to put that into the kiln for the first time, and the temperature will be around 1900 degrees.
  • At the last stage, you will take the object out of the kiln and be ready for the final glaze firing, but that will be at different temperatures.

You may have understood the different stages of clay that you may need to know if you ever wanted to make something from clay. It will be quite helpful for you if you will know already.