After 5 months on my entrepreneur adventure with Debbie Allen, she sent me an email saying I had been nominated for her Rising Star Award. Could I come to her next Highly Paid Expert event in Los Angeles?

How could I resist? I would be an award-winning business owner and I’ve barely gotten off the ground. But I was thankful for all she done for me and very proud of the work I’d done, so I accepted.

The event was fantastic. It gave me a chance to see how far I’d in come in 9 months, and I’d get to share it with the audience on the third day of the event. I looked around at the room and saw familiar faces of those who had been at the last event and gotten their businesses off the ground. There were also amazing testimonials of how their lives and businesses had grown and changed since they had adopted this new Highly Paid Expert business model.

Many of these new attendees approached me, asking me to clarify the outcomes of the program, and I was happy to oblige. But I noticed something as I looked around the room. About 90% of the attendees were aged 50 to 75, looking for what to do with the next chapter of their lives. I highly identified with them, being of that age also.

I listened to their stories. Several were facing a new chapter in their lives after having been through a difficult illness and wanted to share their stories and educate others. But there were those who, like me, were in corporate careers or would soon hit the end of their ability to advance in their field. Their knowledge, experience, and wisdom were not recognized by their employers, nor would they continue to be financially rewarded.

As Debbie presented my award, she asked me what had changed for me. As I looked into the audience, I saw all those people, like me, who were at a turning point in their lives.

I shared that I had hit the Concrete Glass Ceiling, and being an entrepreneur gave me the chance to be a success in my own right, and explore options not available in a corporate career.

As I said those words, I saw people in the audience begin to cry or have quivering lips. Afterwards, they came up to me, thanking me, identifying with me, having stories of their own of the scary times they were experiencing.

The outpouring was enormous, and I knew I had found my audience. Those like me. Those people who were a little older, a little wiser, and still had a lot to give, and were determined to share their expertise with the world.