What You Should Know

You have probably heard horror kitchen stories about pressure cookers going out of control, exploding, and erupting loads of sauce everywhere – quite the messy image. But those ar stories are most likely as old as your grandma’s tales. The pressure cookers of today are designed to prevent such events from happening. So get on the bandwagon and start cooking great meals with pressure cookers, if you have not yet.

What it does for you

This is probably the best reason why you need a pressure cooker – it makes scrumptiously, tenderly cooked meat! And no other cooking tool or equipment can do it the way pressure cookers can. It is what is responsible for that soft texture of meat of melts in your mouth. But of course, meat is not the only ingredient you can cook with it.

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So how is this miracle possible? Unlike regular pots, frying pans, and ovens, pressure cookers do not only cook with heat. In addition to heat, it cooks with pressure. This heightened pressure forces heat into the core of the meat for example, which allows even cooking inside and out. It also traps the juice and flavor since it cannot escape from the pot’s air tight and water tight construction.

Safety measures

Alright, that introduction was a little bit scary right? Well, that was mostly a product of imagination, though based on real life stories. But this does not mean you can now let your guard down. As with any kitchen tools, there are dangers and you need to be informed about the safety measures.

Generally, you need well-built and durable pressure cookers. Having a safety valve is a plus because it releases excess pressure. Also, most modern pressure cookers have pressure control which you can use to reduce the pressure buildup. Learn to use these. Another thing you need to learn is proper food and water level. Generally, food level up to ¾ is safe. Any more than this and the valves could be blocked and lead to pressure buildup.

Foods you cannot cook

As part of safety measures, you need to be aware also about the foods that you must not cook with pressure cookers. Number one is oil. You cannot use the pot to pressure fry. It cannot be stressed enough. Also, foods that froth are a no-no. These include applesauce, pasta, and rhubarb. Check other foods that froth. You can also check your memory.

Additionally, there are some foods that you can cook but you must do so with extra attention and focus. Examples are foods that swell or grow in size as you cook them. Good examples are beans. Also, grain products like rice tend to swell. When dealing with such foods, keep the initial level lower than the standard safe level to allow for rising.

Buying smart

And lastly, moms need to buy smart. You need to know the right things to look for. For example, materials are ideally stainless steel or aluminum. Anodized and non-stick coated is also good. The handles must have heat resistant materials and the overall built must be durable. It does not have to be overly expensive of course, but you should be suspicious if it is too cheap.