Some people say that the woman was married favorite Take their fingers never lost their appeal because their fingers, wearing a symbol of happiness lives of splendid wedding ring constantly flashing light. She is a woman, was married, but never wear a symbol of a happy wedding rings.

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She and the President met her family is suddenly in great misfortune, almost homeless, take a whirl of Habitat simple idea, not thought about compelling love and love will not receive a hasty marriage of the paper. No ceremony, no friends and family, no flowers and blessings to the two people together. After the marriage, she does not, in pro – and the absence does not want, all day Ningmou only twilight Duzuo accustomed to continue her poor, small dreams! Mr. Naoguo after several finally calm and said: He feels that he is like in a vacuum to a trip, and they have too much of the United States itself is what kind of toxins! She tearfully Mouzi understand that the frames of the final sentence??life, they understand that only marriage between fabled marriage of the paper, no love. She, said: “We Banshouba!” President said: “are the good guys, Cou and over!” She nothing, she experienced too much in the hearts of the suffering of vulnerable and easy only after the injury, never expect Who else has turned understand her inner world.

She and Mr. live or Dahuo began the day in the eyes of others Xiangjingrubin courtesy of married life. Although no love embarrassment, but it also let her avoid the side a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Behind the marriage, President of his own, and she belongs to her, the two do not owe, Noninterference, calm in no excuse to complain about. , In the end do not understand the depths of the mind does not know her expectations, she has been able to wear the symbol of happiness should be before marriage should wear wedding rings on the fingers, and hope that Ruby is a mosaic.

??silent in the days to two years, she has experienced first love in life. A business acquaintance of his activities, after which he contacted her several twists and turns. She always feel that they have passed the age of the Yidong, chest beating, neither hot nor cold only in the hearts of mechanical operation. His intentions can be protected surround his gentle, delicate his unique to her heart, she gradually melting the hearts of the blues for more than 20 years iceberg. He said that she was originally a dream, one of the Wizard mixed poetry with his feelings of her emotions is a happy happy!

He helped her record her bitter suffering of the past, she also his 13-year-old from the first love into her diary! The events of the past two stacked together, they found surprisingly similar, and she is not the same year, but on the same date of birth with the same year-on the same day day, a car accident she became unconscious in the hospital, while he was driving in Caledonia Yen Palawan Renzhe huge mountains with snow on the plateau response to the closing struggling hard fighting, the two upstream at the same time in Siwangxian to Akira to meet people who can really have the feeling of rebirth after the robbery! He smiled and said to her: This Health with a total death, you are doomed villain my son!

He companies in Germany to do a project manager, the daily work can not be separated from the network, in order to inconvenience in a phone conversation still time to see her, she came to take him have never set foot in the chat room, he used the shadow of the network She then spent Ruby. Xiangshou overnight, day by day, growing feelings fingers text that runs mutual Chaosaimuxiang heart, on the 1st of mail a deep intelligence that surplus atrium wish! He realized that her ruby complex, he said that he split Yam only in the shadow of the shielding can maintain eternal red gem! Network faithfully perform and record the feelings of the two little drops of the world, in the bitter sweet, wait in the hope that, but they never want to change each other’s lives. She was kind-hearted people, despite sometimes good pale weak, much of her ordeal, well aware of the taste of injuries, so she did not want to hurt her by any one person.

She knew that he was in love with his wife and son, she can not let them because of his injuries, and all limited to only ring network and the telephone, he used the words fun, I can only used in a fixed time (work) fixed Location (Internet and telephone) to see my son villain, as long as I can see to meet! He was seriously she said: I can not promise you anything because I did not know their qualifications, but as long as the network is Qualcomm, Qualcomm’s telephone number is always that you are willing to, as long as you are willing to our forever! She recorded his between them “forever” special interpretation, and engraved into the essence of life in the second confrontation, she is due to a serious illness of Health, much physical and mental torture. He not care for the two to meet and not issued Daishi, he said that he was not forced to look at her, he said he could not just sit see her withered, he never asked her to the wizard ancient poem, he must not be lost He.

In her home, in his Yong her into the Huai that moment, had never experienced a feeling like returning to her heart casual. It is not the first time her life was refused, although she is a woman, but simply do not know how men and women. Simple as White, he was surprised her innocent, the house soft light, sweet atmosphere, and only the couple quietly, she e) If, in his arms, have never presented the first kiss. He met his gratitude! Khan and Khan, and Ling Ling, skin and skin under the impact of the breach, she became his woman. He touched her pointed fingers told her, the next he will wear for her ruby ring, ruby happened, should belong to her!

However, she did not’m sure the next. Fixed time at a fixed location, such as never to meet him on time, Lai Ying split gone as clouds, she firmly believes that he will always remember he said, it stubbornly as languishing in the purgatory on the night bitter Almost have to designate the shadow Zhefengdangyu Ruby, a few letters to mail, etc. He finally SMS message “As many other reasons, the disruption of life, but also a chaotic mess than there was even worse off, I must return to the original track, tried to repair. sorry. I have no choice “, although he failed to even goodbye to her personally speaking, she remains convinced that he had sufficient reasons to warrant the default separated themselves willingly.

Since then, she and he never contacts. But she still??mind. After breaking up the no options is a painful day, she had a number of people do not know the tears flow, insomnia, night after night, the only night Xiche memories as the only headache medicine! She has been a painful habit of miss him, accustomed to half-day half-day standing in the cold wind, just for the sake of a hurry to see him off Background. She was dedicated to continue to operate their own “ultimate love.” How many days without the dream she finally made a dream, the dream of Acacia arouse suppressed, and the woman to the love he had worked for the distant split days.

She has returned to dream about his Qinghai, and return to the Caledonia Yen Palawan mountains, and return to the same month they have the same calendar year by the death at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, he then waited for her, the snow-capped mountains Yang Chen, Ying-Ying Xiaoyi his hands heart care the blood as a ruby ring, he said that for her meticulous preparations, and only after her to wear in her fingers. She actually found by his dream, the next day went to the Qinghai alone, have forgotten that they had been suffering serious overdrafts Acacia bad a mess can not set foot in the physical plateau. If she Huiguangfanzhao patients from Qinghai to Caledonia Yen Palawan at the foot of the mountain, she was finally the heart of dilapidated buildings can not afford the burden on the overloading of the past few days, love and pain, and stop the beating, she died of suffocation. Hard Love only know that she was the girlfriend to pick her Qinghai, in the hospital to see her lying quietly and still she turned her badly-like Mouzi Like a Dream, his girlfriend do not want to let her utter eyes return home , spent huge sums of money in local and top bought a ruby ring, wears in the ring finger on her right hand to meet her life only a wish.